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The 8 A's of Healing

Also Available in eBook Version

The 8 A’s of Healing is a 36-page booklet designed by the author to help simplify the 8 stages of the emotional healing process. This booklet includes infographs and reflective questions at the end of each chapter to help the reader dig deeper into their own, personal healing journey.



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The Devil is a Narcissist

Also Available in Paperback for $23.99

The Devil is a Narcissist: Understanding and Healing from the Evils of Narcissism is a unique look into ten different layers of Narcissism Personality Disorder through the eyes of both personal and professional experiences from the author. In this hard-hitting self-help book, the author delves into the core of NPD, exposing secrets as to how narcissists are made and how to defeat their antics, as well as profound and simple life principles in how to emotionally and mentally heal in the aftermath of being abused by someone suffering from NPD. The author endeavors in this book to leave no stone un-turned on the topic of Narcissism Personality Disorder, including how to recognize it, what attracts it to your life, and how to deal with it and heal from it. The book also includes self-help tips and tools on how to spot a narcissist in new relationships, how to avoid assimilating narcissistic behaviors and thinking patterns to yourself after being raised by a narcissist, what to do in gaslighting situations, and more! 

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Dear Survivor:

Also Available in Paperback for $7.00

This 30-Day Devotional includes six inspiring truths per day designed to help survivors of domestic violence, abuse, and trauma restore their sense of identity and hope for the future. *With bonus blank ladies you can color from Gavi’s Instagram Domestic Violence Awareness Cartoon account!

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