About Gavi

Gavriela Powers, or "Gavi" as her close friends call her, is a Millennial with a deep sense of purpose and longing to help bring healing to broken, battered, and abused women who have tasted the depths of violence and rejection - a place that she herself knows all too well. 

Her childhood experiences with domestic violence and substance abuse provided more than mere bad memories and triggers she would have to deal with later in life after being diagnosed with CPTSD at the age of twenty-nine; they also provided a deep understanding of her calling in this life to reach and help other women who feel trapped and stuck in the aftermath of abuse.

When she was twenty-two she moved away from Tennessee, a place she was happy to leave behind due to all of the years of abuse she spent there - to Phoenix, Arizona, where she met her husband, Tyler, and where they now happily raise their special-needs son. 

She became a certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Family Life Counselor, and a Relationship Coach in an effort to pursue her passion and zeal for connecting with broken and hurting women in need of healing, and is now working on building a platform as an author in an endeavor to fulfill her lifelong dream of being a published author and spreading more awareness about domestic violence and abuse prevention, the healing process, and maintaining healthy relationships.

Gavriela identifies spiritually as a Messianic Jew and has a deep love in her faith, and when she is not found counseling broken women she can be found studying the Hebrew Scriptures.